April 16, 2014

Using Up Sock Yarn Odds and Ends

It took me almost 10 months to land on the perfect project for the yarn my sister picked out for her birthday present last year. And then it took me a week to knit up this little shawlette. Here it is, blocked.

The pattern is Maluka; the yarn is Creamy Flame by Kollage Yarns. It's a crazy yarn: 80% milk protein, and 20% cotton. That's some weird science, people! Find my Rav notes here.

I have quite a bit of a skein left. Here's a round up of some patterns that use a small amount of fingering-weight yarn, perfect for using up sock yarn scraps. (Each photo comes from the site linked beneath it.)

Hair Accessories


Twin Leaf Wristlets (scroll down to find the pattern)

Other Funky-doo, Gotta-Knit-'Em Accessories

Egg Sox (just in time for Easter!)

What do you with partial skeins of fingering weight yarn?

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  1. Oh. My. GOSH!! It is so beautiful, Hilary! I am honored to have such a gorgeous gift. I love it!!!