December 28, 2013

A Sister's Poncho, and My Father-in-Law's Coat

My youngest sister visited me in August before heading to boarding school. We visited all the happenin' places in Lubbock, including Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store, which is my happy place. (Why do we say Joann's? Do you say Joann's? That's what I call the place. Anyway.)

My sister fell in love with this Southwest apparel fabric. I can't for the life of me find the receipt, so I'm not totally sure about its content, but it is very soft and warm. A poncho seemed like the correct destiny for this lovely stuff.

I've held on to the supplies for this poncho for four months. I cranked it out in one night. It took me about four hours. Why do I procrastinate so?

Fabric, bias tape, buttons: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store.
Pattern: See & Sew B5807, by Butterick
Thread: vintage poly-cotton thread in my stash.

While digging through our coat closet for a wooden coat hanger, I found Mr. Lemon's dad's old Air Force coat.

It is crazy warm, lined with velvet. It's covered in dog hair (a last vestige of our old boy Sammy the Pug, who passed away this past spring) and a few little splotches of who-knows-what. It needs a little love, so I'm glad I pulled it out.

Mr. Lemon's father passed away before Mr. Lemon and I ever met. I'm glad we have this important piece of family history in our closet. Mr. Lemon's cousin even used the coat on his mission for the LDS Church. It's gotten a lot of use.

I like to imagine this coat keeping my father-in-law warm during his duties. I never met him but I'm thankful for his service to our country and to his family. Even though it rests unused in our closet, it is a gentle reminder of someone who isn't with us anymore but figures prominently in our lives still.


  1. That poncho is AWESOME!!!

    And I love that you guys have that coat.

  2. I too have the Jo-Ann conundrum. I always say JoAnn's, and I picture it like that (not Jo-Ann's). The hyphen bothers me. I think of it this way: if my neighbors have a sign on their house that says Smith, I'm not going to say, "I'm going to go over to Smith and borrow an egg." I don't know who Jo-Ann is, but by golly, it's her store! She shouldn't be so humble about claiming our awesome happy place.