October 3, 2014

FO Friday: Woolies Galore!

I put some new woolies in my Etsy shop a few days ago. I'm attending a cloth diaper event next week here in Lubbock, so I've been knitting a few more woolies as fast as I can. I've got some blue/burgundy shorties on the needles right now. I'm an inch in to the first leg and I'm hoping to knock the rest out tonight!

(Also: I have to get some posterboard. All those stripes back to back are making me a little queasy!)

September 19, 2014

FO Friday: Lucy's Blessing Dress


Lucy was blessed in church a couple of weeks ago. The day before her blessing, it started to rain (yes, rain, in Lubbock!) and it hasn't let up since. Far be it from me to complain; I love this weather, and the land desperately needs the water. I had hoped to take some pictures of Lucy outside as I had with Charlie when he was blessed, but today the light through the window was nice, and Charlie was asleep, and Mike was home, and, well, you just have to jump on the perfect moment when it presents itself.

Charlie's blessing outfit was made out of white seersucker (you can catch a glimpse here), perfect for a San Antonio summer baby. I wanted to make something for Lucy that would complement her brother's outfit, so white Swiss dot seemed the right fabric for the job.

I drafted my own pattern using some dresses of Lucy's that fit, making the bodice shorter than the main dress I used as a model, and adding straight sleeves and a slim skirt with just a little fullness. I also found some little white shoes at Dillard's (and paid with a gift card we got when we returned a marriage gift, if I dare confess that in public) and made some little crushed rosettes out of Swiss dot scraps. The whole dress is lined with white cotton, and I added a little trim to fancy it up for Lucy's special day.

I finished the dress after midnight, about 10 hours before the blessing. That's how I roll! Lucy is asleep in the dress next to me right now, and I'm going to let her stay in the dress until she wakes up, because I don't think she'll ever wear this dress again. She is growing up too fast, I can't savor the moments deeply enough!

September 15, 2014

Handmade Monday: Aunt Steph's Crib Quilt

It occurred to me the other day that we have received some absolutely beautiful handmade items from family and friends with the births of Charlie and Lucy. I was going to throw photos of them all in one post, but I think I'd like to do each one justice with its own tribute.

A year or two ago, I ordered a collection of vintage sheets for a few projects I had in mind. There was one crib sheet that was cute, but for which I had no immediate plans. I gave it to my friend Stephanie (check her out on Instagram), who is as rabid a quilter as I am a knitter. Then I thought of the crib sheet never again.

Until last week, when Steph gave me this adorable crib quilt. As I knew she would, she elevated the lowly crib sheet into something fabulous, useful, and clever. I love the random but uniform wavy quilting, the mod backing to contrast with the vintage pattern, and the incredibly (almost impossibly) perfect binding pattern that ties all the elements of the quilt together. Brava, lovely quilting friend!

(Also, Lucy fits into the wool soaker I knitted for her while I was pregnant. Huzzah!)