May 20, 2015

Volando Test Knit

I've done a little test knitting this year. It's unpaid work, but it's fun to see what's new in the world of knitwear design and to mingle some promising new designers. (Kate Massey, people. One to watch.) I guess it's not really unpaid work, because free pattern. Yes, I need a cardboard sign that says, "Will knit for more patterns and yarn."

Pattern: Volando by Kate Massey
Yarn: Mustard (5652) Heritage by Cascade Yarns
Model: my friend Jackie (thank you for being all gorgeous for the camera!)

March 20, 2015

Bubble Tea Hat Test Knit

Having one of your photos as the first featured photo on a designer's pattern page? Pretty awesome. Thanks, Gabrielle! And thanks, patient husband, for modeling a hat in a motel parking lot in the middle of a long road trip.

Pattern: Bubble Tea Hat by Gabrielle Danskknit
Yarn: Turtle (2452) Cascade 220 Heathers and Charcoal Gray (8400) Cascade 220 by Cascade Yarns
Rav project notes here.

March 12, 2015

Heathering Heights Test Knit

Feeling pretty good about knocking out a test knit and a birthday present in one fell swoop. Happy birthday, Tam! Glad you could model it in person.

Pattern: Heathering Heights by Crocus Crocus
Yarn: Charcoal Gray (8400) Cascade 220 and Mystic Purple (2450) Cascade 220 Heathers by Cascade Yarns
Rav project notes here.